Tips for dating an aquarius man

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These women find ways to attract Aquarius men because they are certain that they would have a successful relationship with a guy with personalities, which they can easily befriend and then push their mutual understandings to serious commitments.

However, despite the great efforts of women, the decision and preference of Aquarius men matter most.

Aquarians are excellent mixers and make friends with people of all kinds very easily.

The following five clever tips show you exactly how!

Don’t for instance root for the latest band or a football team just because everybody else seems to think they’re great.

Reveal your individuality in opinions and actions and your Aquarius date will look at your anew.

You can never be too off-beat or wacky to attract an Aquarius man.

2) CULTIVATE HIS FRIENDSHIP Approach an Aquarius man first on a friendship level and you'll boost your chances of eventually winning his love.

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