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S., these dating sites can provide safe places for weed lovers to meet and maybe blaze up together. Findasmoker is the No.1 American dating site for smokers.Their vision is that for most cannabis users, it is a really big deal in their lives.

So why not search & join for free, and who knows, you could find the love of your life today!

A recent website search on Google for “420” brought up hundreds of millions of websites which are 420 related.

There are plenty of myths and rumors on the origin of 420, such as: 420 is a California police dispatch code for smoking pot (which is untrue).

A majority of people who share the 420 lifestyle are aware that several US states allow individuals with certain health problems to buy or to grow a limited amount of marijuana for their own personal use.

But why do so many people in America get high on April 20th and what does 420 friendly mean?

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