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So now we have brought our successful formula on-line to offer you, wherever you live, the chance to connect with like-minded country lovers.

This is the site for you whether you are country-based or a city-dweller who loves gardening, walking, fishing, riding or any other country hobby.

I filled forms about my interests, my opinions and my personal goals – which was having a family – something I’d been too frightened to mention to my exes in the early days for fear of scaring them off.

“But the men I was introduced to were told what I wanted and shared those dreams. From the off we were on the same page and then it was only a matter of finding someone I also found physically attractive and that was Mark, the third man I met.” Wilkinson is far from alone.

It's a puzzle to me why some people on this site are so blind to the power that others have to fuck up their lives. After nine or ten months of silence, I began receiving messages from him again.

Then I got busy; work picked up, and I sort of forgot about him. And he wanted me to know it: "You have stuck in my brain even though our interaction has been short. Despite the exhausting river of shit I nearly drowned in, it wasn't all for nothing.

The result is that, rather than being someone that defies all calculation, love is now big business worth an annual billion internationally and growing at 70 per cent a year – with high-tech venture capitalists, psychologists and software engineers reaping vast rewards.

Often, their initial messages are cut-and-paste introductions, which are usually full of both lies and clichés. I possess the gift of gab, but also know when to keep my mouth shut. Seek a sexually intense, passionate, fun, and friendly relationship. I have kept you in my sights as I journey down this path of finding a girlfriend/confidant/partner in crime. I managed to eat and drink very well, even when I was broke.

I once received the following message: "Weapons of Mass Pleasure... I am tall (6'1"), well endowed, and very fit bodied (175lbs). I live a healthy lifestyle and seek a woman who does the same. Say hello if you have an interest." When I called him out on his (terrible) boilerplate introduction, he responded: "Lol! But you must understand this becomes a full time job if you get let it." In that case, they're all overworked and underpaid. I have decided on you—this is my decision and you will submit to me. I was given insight into the lives of wealthy and powerful men, as they paid for everything with a dismissive toss of a credit card.

It goes without saying that your safety should always be a priority. " And then, because men can see when their messages have been opened, he would message me again: "I CAN STILL REMEMBER THAT NIGHT AND HOW YOUR LIPS FELT. SAY YES." I quickly blocked him, only to have my Gmail flooded with ardent and obsessive messages. My quest will NOT be complete until I have met you to see if you are the package I dream you might be. I also had the privilege of getting a candid glimpse into the sometimes depressing dynamics of marriage and saw that it's not for everyone—myself included.

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