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Mischa Barton has stolen your place on the love boat, snagging Australian James Abercrombie, model and heir to a 7 million fortune.

Abercrombie is the son of former Victorian Liberal Party treasurer Andrew Abercrombie and is reportedly set to inherit his father’s 7 million fortune.

Again we should be careful to note that this only applies to a minority of Thai bar girls, the majority of whom are sincere and hardworking Thai women who become bar girls to assist families or as a result of bad economic conditions.

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What did we learn from those who have ordered themselves a bride from the Internet?

In March photographs were posted to a Twitter account believed to belong to the former Melbourne woman, depicting several women standing under an Islamic State flag, reclining against a clean white BMW M5, wielding machine guns and dressed from head to toe in black Islamic dress.

“James met Mischa at a party in Los Angeles just on a month ago. He is now back in Los Angeles and they are spending a lot of time together.” While Australian girls might have missed out on Abercrombie, we’re glad Barton is happy.

Increasing anecdotal evidence suggests that younger Australians are moving to Thailand to live with beautiful Thai girlfriends. Young Australian men are visiting Thailand in increasing numbers on short term excursions and holidays.

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