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Featured comment | Hannah Bryce & Asha Herten-Crabb For the UK, a Feminist Foreign Policy Is Both the Right Thing to Do and Smart Strategy Adopting a foreign policy that prioritizes gender equality and human rights could help define post-Brexit Britain as a positive force in the world.

In a more uncertain global environment, France has the ability to provide Germany with the security guarantees it needs.

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Over one million British people have signed up to a website that helps them arrange extra-marital relationships.

Ashley Madison, which specialising in finding dates for people who are already married, now boasts 1,048,342 UK customers, the reports.

Adverts for the website have not been shown on British television after concerns that some people could take issue with their content, however.

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Haid Haid and Lina Khatib speak with Assaad al-Achi, executive director of civil society organization Baytna Syria, about the impact of sanctions on NGOs and ordinary Syrians – and how the regime circumvents them.Holiday makers will be whizzed onto the island via helicopter, all in an effort to ensure they aren’t caught absconding with their secret lover.The company alos says it Illicit Encounters will even blindfold people so the island’s location remains a secret, and non-disclosure agreements will be issued to all guests.He did not tell the woman he met online he was actually a married father of two, or that he worked for the Church.The Assistant Curate of St John the Evangelist Church in Edmonton, London (above), was suspended from ministry at a disciplinary hearing. It heard that Rev Waswa did not close his online dating account when he married in 2010 and only told the woman he was already partnered when his wife forced him to.

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