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In a former life, before telling The Man to KMA, I was a software dork. One of the requirements of being such a dork is that you must cruise the internet, or what the media pundits have labelled "The Information Superhighway." I'm also a tool fanatic.These two afflictions led me to that place where I could converse with similar sufferers - rec.woodworking, aka rec.norm, the news group for those computer literates who also have a life.For the sake of consistency, and for the economy of my time, I decided to do a 'brain dump' of what I know about Stanley planes - what they look like, what they do, what common parts are missing, what flaws they suffered during use, etc. I never once thought that what I was writing would ever evolve into a 'cult classic.' The first version of this effort was done in the pre-dawn darkness while my eyes were propped open with toothpicks; there were glaring errors of omission and misinformation most of which I can attribute to the early morning cobwebs that cluttered my mind.So, after having chucked the software gig, it was either sitting in front of the tube while watching Jerry Springer and strumming my lips or doing something constructive.Reporting on harbor improvements at Superior, a member of the U. Army Corps of Engineers stated that the harbor is to Lake Superior and the country south and west and northwest what the harbor of Chicago is to Lake Michigan and the regions in the same directions.The long sandbar protecting Superior Bay is made up of Minnesota Point, which projects eastward for seven miles from Duluth, and Wisconsin Point, which extends three miles from the Wisconsin shore.

The first log cabin was built there in September 1853, and the City of Superior was officially incorporated a year later.

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