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The complainant was pushed by the pastor outside the bathroom onto a bed that was inside a nearby bedroom and sexually assaulted her," the ODPP said.Prosecutors led evidence that the complainant managed to push the pastor off and went outside of the bedroom where her brother was.During one instance a friend of hers was brought in and subjected to the same abuse.As a big city with lots of history, Baltimore has its own signature ingredient: the Maryland blue crab.PENTECOSTAL Pastor R V Paul Hanniford was yesterday convicted for having sexual intercourse with a minor, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, (ODPP) stated in a news release.

The sign above the door of the Alcohol Dry-Out Shelter displays the catechistic tenor of this Christian missionary organization.

Steve's going to talk to him about this amazing and horrifying story.

September 28, 2016 ~ (January 14, 2015 Repeat) ~ Our series on childhood sexual trauma continues as Tiffany Whitmore talks about her own situation wherein she wasn't the only child involved.

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, is going to be our guest, and will be telling Steve about his experiences in Vietnam as a Green Beret that led him to write his books.

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