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Note: Version 2.0 of Tfs Versioning has been updated for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012.If you want to use TFS 2010, then use Tfs Versioning V1.5.0.0.You can find some blog post of mine on the subject: Years are passed, but I still see people scared when it is time to customize the build, especially because the Workflow can be a little bit intimidating.In TFS2013 the build is still managed by Workflow Foundation, but the new workflow basic template now supports simply customization with scripts. The notation J and B is taken from a nice tool called Tfs Versioning; it is used to manage versioning of assembly with a Custom Action.Net CLR to correctly identity which version of an assembly to use.There are some disadvantages for doing this, one being you lose the flexibility to xcopy updated assemblies without having to recompile everything, this is the release why Microsoft keep versions at (or in the case of SQL Server 2008).

Setting up Tfs Versioning tools is super easy if you simply use workflow included in the release, but if you already have a customized workflow, you need to modify the Workflow adding the Custom Activity in the right place with the right parameters.

When you move to TFS 2012 and then to 2012, you need to download the source of the tool and recompile against latest version of build assemblies, then you need to modify the workflow again.

This is one of the most annoying problem of Custom Actions, you need to recompile again when you upgrade build servers to new version of TFS.

One of the most important news in TFS Build 2010 is the introduction of Workflow Foundation that replaced standard MSBuild scripts used in TFS 2008.

Workflow foundation can be really powerful, but indeed it is somewhat scaring and quite often customizing a build can be complex.

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