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The story was not slated to air on Friday night's edition of the show, however.

That means the earliest it would have aired is Monday night -- after Sunday's presidential debate.

This light that is being reflected is light traveling through the earth’s atmosphere, and that is why the moon appears red.

It’s like watching the sunset and sunrise reflected on the moon.

Carefully researched and engagingly written, this study should be of interest to anyone concerned with the social aspects of medicine.

And anyone who suffers from the curse of headache pain.”“This insightful and eloquent account of our evolving understandings of migraine, from a condition of weak-nerved women, to a “real” neurobiological disease, does far more than document the cultural framing of headache.

Kempner illuminates the complex, tangled relationship between medicine, morality, and meaning making in contemporary American society as she demonstrates that despite its biomedicalization and a shift from thinking of migraine as ‘all in the head’ to a genuine brain disease, migraine remains a disorder of personhood—and a particularly gendered one at that.

Petro said during a lunar eclipse, the moon still reflects some of the sunlight. (ALL PRESENT EXCEPT RACHEL AND ROSS) MONICA: There's nothing to tell! (THE OTHERS STARE, BEMUSED) PHOEBE: Just, cause, I don't want her to go through what I went through with Carl - oh! So that hysterical phone call I got from a woman sobbing at 3 AM, "I'll never have grandchildren. SHE STARTS TO SEARCH AROUND THE ROOM) CHANDLER: And I just want a million dollars!

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