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This is not the first time that rumors have spread about Peter sleeping around on Cynthia, Porsha even elaborated on the rumors stating they were true.

Porsha claims Peter is well known in Atlanta with all of the women he has been accused of f$cking while still being married.

Cynthia took offense to Porsha but now, she can understand what Porsha was trying to say.

franchise, but her relationship with baby daddy Block is seriously out of this world.

He explained that the rumors came from a false report in 1998 that he was arrested after being caught performing sexual acts with a "transvestite" in a public park.

News, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reality star did not give more details about her new prospect but she says that their relationship is stepping up slowly.

The facts regarding her first love might be spilled in the upcoming season.

The new ‘Stewart’ in her life was her first love in her early twenties.

Also Read: Kordell Stewart Gay – Real Housewives Of Atlanta Appearance, Sexuality Rumors Addressed Williams excitingly shared, “This season, you know, I start dating again and crazy enough, the person that I’m seeing is someone from my past.” She also pointed out that the last name of her new hubby is also Stewart and added, “But it’s interesting, you get to kind of see that relationship and kind of where we are.

A few months ago, during the summer, Peter was a popular topic in the news, he obviously doesn’t know how to manage his businesses or his money.

He is always in a jam and his businesses always get shut down, I’m sure Cynthia was tired of bailing him out, she was the true money maker in the family and sometimes that will stress you the HELL out.

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