Dating petroglyphs

Some appear to be sacred or spiritual in nature, whereas others are interpreted as more casual markers of a person’s presence at a particular spot—basically, Symbolism and meaning can be “significantly different from site to site,” the Stasacks told me.There’s also a good deal of variety in what the etchings depict, according to a 2005 account by Bob Krauss in the There's a little duckling in the field at Puako, Hawai‘i, that's delightful.

We have applied this technique to a portion of a pictograph from the Lower Pecos region of southwest Texas (Fig.

If the sand hadn’t shifted just right, and if a beam of sunlight hadn’t illuminated the shoreline at that very moment, and if no one had actually been on the beach to see it, 17 giant petroglyphs in Hawaii might never have been rediscovered.

In the past several weeks, working off a tip from a couple of tourists who saw the unusual markings in the sand during a trip to the beach last month, archaeologists have uncovered a series of figures etched into sandstone across a 60-foot stretch of the Waianae Coast, on the island of Oahu.

When recalling Kahoolawe’s contemporary history as a former bombing range, all her tirades about the island’s abuse by the U. At Loaa, a site located on the southwestern slope of Puu Moaulanui, Kahoolawe’s highest peak, we saw petroglyphs dating as far back as AD 1660 on giant boulders embellished with anthropomorphic human figures, several with stylized head shapes.

Their aesthetic and distinctiveness are heralded as “undoubtedly made for the same purposes as those of the other islands …

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